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Poster: leftwinger57 Date: Jun 11, 2014 5:36am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: tuning and knoodling

After seeing the Stones rattle of about 40 songs w/ guitar changes and all I can't remember any tuning on any gutiar. Same with most bands I had the pleasure of seeing. I do fully understand that when in the outside enviorment that the sun and humidity can play havoc with the tuning. Now comes Jerry and this used to drive me so nuts I just did not get it till well I got it. This guy a professional player maybe playing since 12 years old and needs to take what seemed like an eternity to tune his guitar. What have since learned and figured out because of the fabled no written set list deal the prolonged tuning and knoodling was to get all the pedal settings right and at the same being a cue to what was coming next. Yes sometimes there were false starts and teases but for the most part this is the only thing that makes any sense. Like I said the 1st thing you do when learning how to play a guitar is knowing how to tune it and keep it in tune and to tune your instrument for the key needed. You can disagaree but that's the conclusion I've come up w/ after some many waits for the music to start. Part of the mystic, maybe but enoying for me. True they are not a radio friendly band and play very long songs as the premire jam band and I call them the most unoriginal original band ever w/ playing what some say is over 300 covers, mostly great versions that worked. Can you agree w/ my assertion here that Jerry cleary knew how to easily tune a guitar with in seconds if he had to.